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Make a Different Facebook Profile - Tutorial

I don't know exactly where to post this , so i post it here..
Im sorry if this is wrong section.

I didn't write this Tutorial , i just found it and sharing it here.
But i've checked it and its working Oui

Here is what you'll get .

and Follow These Instructions :

Step 1: Upload your desired picture and let it to generate the correct images.

Step 2: Download the generated ZIP file of your images, or manually save them.

Step 3: First, set the image named "profile-pic.jpg" as your Facebook profile picture.

Step 4: Create a new photo album, then upload the other images in the order of their filenames.

Step 5: Tag yourself in all 5 photos, starting with "image5.jpg" and ending with "image1.jpg."

Step 6: Hide any tagged photos you do not wish to display on your profile. That's it!

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  1. CaddyManZ says:

    Thanks for sharing superb gclub informations. Your site is so cool.

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