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Tutorial - How to enable windows 7 GODMODE

hello and welcome to another tutorial of mine !

This time i will show you guys how to enable windows 7 "godmode"

1) First you must create a new folder

2) rename the folder to "godmode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" and press "enter"
NOTE: case sensitive and you MUST use these curly brackets !!!!

3) as soon as you pressed "enter" the icon will now look like this

4) now you just need to open the folder and you can see shortcuts to your whole control panel !

Thanks for this simple tutorial !
Hope you guys found it useful !

NOTE: it's fully okey to leech my tutorials and my knowledge AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDITS !

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How to disable Net Intelligence in Your PC

Hello all, and welcome.
MY computer came with intelligence installed,
and ive noticed on different sites alot of people need help with disabling it.
So im guna show you how.

First of all, net intelligence runs in the background.
So, all you have to do, is disable it,
this is how.

1. run msconfig
2. click on startup.
3. either press deactivate all, or find net intelligence and untick.
4. Apply, Ok.
5. restart.

Its that easy, no password required NOTHING.
have fun, and enjoy your internet freedom once again.

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Tips - Make Windows XP Genuine Using Notepad

Right click your desktop and select new text document.
Open that document and paste the following TEXT.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
"CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data - do not use)"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents]


In notepad click then . For file type in the save dialog box
select "all files" and for the filename type in License Key.reg or whatever you want. It doesn't matter as long as it has the .reg extension. Click save. Double click the file thats now on your desktop. It will ask you are you sure. Tell it yes.

Your work is done now.If you want know that if it worked or not go hTTPp://, and click on "Validate Windows" over on the right

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Tutorial - Windows 7 Loader

Windows 7 Loader that activates Windows 7 as Genuine.

I have been using my version of Windows 7 Ultimate since it was released using this method, Let me add that it has been running flawlessly.

How To-

Step 1.
Select the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of your computer.
Dell is my OEM so I choose Dell.

Step 1 Troubleshooting.
If you cant find your OEM on the list then click "Remove OEM Branding".

Step 2.
Click the Install/Remove 7Loader.

Step 3 Alternative.
Alternatively you can click the start button, right click computer, and then click properties. then look at "Windows Activation". You should see a "Windows Is Activated".

Screen Shots :

Download Link:

Download Here

Only infection found, Which was found by Microsoft. Mainly due to the fact that this Cracks Windows 7 and makes it genuine. I have experienced no problems with this. Use at your own risk!

Spoiler for *Virus Scan* :

Microsoft 1.5703 2010.05.13 HackTool:Win32/Keygen

a-squared 2010.05.10 -
AhnLab-V3 2010.05.14.00 2010.05.13 -
AntiVir 2010.05.13 -
Antiy-AVL 2010.05.13 -
Authentium 2010.05.13 -
Avast 4.8.1351.0 2010.05.13 -
Avast5 5.0.332.0 2010.05.13 -
AVG 2010.05.13 -
BitDefender 7.2 2010.05.14 -
CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2010.05.13 -
ClamAV 2010.05.13 -
Comodo 4834 2010.05.14 -
DrWeb 2010.05.14 -
eSafe 2010.05.13 -
eTrust-Vet 35.2.7487 2010.05.13 -
F-Prot 2010.05.13 -
F-Secure 9.0.15370.0 2010.05.13 -
Fortinet 2010.05.13 -
GData 21 2010.05.14 -
Ikarus T3. 2010.05.13 -
Jiangmin 13.0.900 2010.05.13 -
Kaspersky 2010.05.14 -
McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2010.05.14 -
McAfee-GW-Edition 2010.1 2010.05.13 -
Microsoft 1.5703 2010.05.13 HackTool:Win32/Keygen
NOD32 5113 2010.05.13 -
Norman 6.04.12 2010.05.13 -
nProtect 2010-05-13.01 2010.05.13 -
Panda 2010.05.13 -
PCTools 2010.05.13 -
Prevx 3.0 2010.05.14 -
Rising 2010.05.13 -
Sophos 4.53.0 2010.05.14 -
Sunbelt 6300 2010.05.14 -
Symantec 20101.1.0.89 2010.05.13 -
TheHacker 2010.05.13 -
TrendMicro 2010.05.13 -
TrendMicro-HouseCall 2010.05.14 -
VBA32 2010.05.13 -
ViRobot 2010.5.13.2314 2010.05.13 -
VirusBuster 2010.05.13 -
Additional information
File size: 3664130 bytes
MD5 : 301e5188291ac93c88231ecadd2f526f
SHA1 : ea12eb8bed2fcbe801bad891a886dfd4ab0022b9
SHA256: 4a0f059c5e6197ae92b2c8584ac87df78ef53c55d9108c4e203879588d0a3d0e
PEInfo: PE Structure information

( base data )
entrypointaddress.: 0x51480
timedatestamp.....: 0x46F268E6 (Thu Sep 20 14:34:46 2007)
machinetype.......: 0x14C (Intel I386)

( 3 sections )
name viradd virsiz rawdsiz ntrpy md5
UPX0 0x1000 0x45000 0x0 0.00 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
UPX1 0x46000 0xC000 0xB800 7.89 425497b626104221324d3c4e5f91ded4
.rsrc 0x52000 0x31000 0x30800 7.88 64f1ea334e2a72e70753f4977bb0f53a

( 8 imports )

> advapi32.dll: RegCloseKey
> comctl32.dll: -
> comdlg32.dll: GetOpenFileNameA
> gdi32.dll: DeleteObject
> kernel32.dll: LoadLibraryA, GetProcAddress, VirtualProtect, VirtualAlloc, VirtualFree, ExitProcess
> ole32.dll: OleInitialize
> shell32.dll: SHGetMalloc
> user32.dll: SetMenu

( 0 exports )
TrID : File type identification
WinRAR Self Extracting archive (87.0%)
UPX compressed Win32 Executable (5.1%)
Win32 EXE Yoda's Crypter (4.4%)
Win32 Executable Generic (1.4%)
Win32 Dynamic Link Library (generic) (1.2%)
ssdeep: 98304:e/w8qDbQlP2wBJWxMrP/q2uk7fWCrz33R:yDq2rBJWxMj/q2F+QLh
sigcheck: publisher....: n/a
copyright....: n/a
product......: n/a
description..: n/a
original name: n/a
internal name: n/a
file version.: n/a
comments.....: n/a
signers......: -
signing date.: -
verified.....: Unsigned
PEiD : -
packers (Kaspersky): PE_Patch.UPX, UPX
packers (F-Prot): RAR, UPX
RDS : NSRL Reference Data Set

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Vector with Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to learn how to vector a poor quality image to a beautiful one, everything with Photoshop. (so, without Illustrator !)

Let's take this image for our tutorial :

As you see, the quality is really poor, we can see the pixels everywhere, well, it's ugly...

There is some rules to follow for this tutorial :
* Create a new layer for every element you add ; for example, create 3 layers if you want to add 3 differents color in the hair. My final work on this image contains 36 differents layers. So, don't hesitate to create new ones !
* You have to be patient ; the vector work is really very long for beginners, so, don't give up !
* Don't use effects till you haven't finished your entire work.
So... Let's start !

I ) Hair

* I very often begin with the hairs, when i vector a character.
First of all, fill the hairs with a background color ; take the lighter one, and do that like this, everything with the Pen Tool.

Well, i know, she looks like a bit stupid like this … But don't worry Smile
Now, create a new layer, select the previous one, and fill in it the shadow in her hairs.

Hey, stop Sad How do i select my previous layer ?
Just Ctrl + Left clic on it, in the Layers Window :

So, we have something like that now … :

Damn … She still looks like ugly like that … but be patient :smile:

Now, take the polygonal lasso tool, with a 30-40px radius, and select the top of your shadow layer, and press the delete button, like that :

This makes a gradiant color ; it just looks better like that.
Now, create a new layer, and do exactly the same thing with the darker hairs :

Not bad, isn't it ?

Finally, take the Pencil Tool, draw some light effects in her hairs ;
then, take the Brush Tool, draw a curve under the light effects, and apply a Glaussian Blur (Effect > Blur > Glaussian Blur) effet on it ;
We now may have that :

We have almost finished with her hairs !
Now, select the first layer (the background color), and draw some outlines outside of the select, like that :

So … We have our hairs !

You can notice that there are some imperfections, but i often fix them at the end.

II ) The face

* We are going to put ALL the layers of the face under the layers of the hairs.
Exactly with the same method as for the hairs, draw the background color, and the shadows :

III ) The eyes

* For my opinion, it is the hardest part of a character ; you have to work a lot in a small surface, it's not easy.

I do the thing like that :
1 – Fill the entire eyes in black
2 – Fill the eyes with a gradiant color
3 – Draw the darker part in the eye
4 – Add light effects, and add some gradiant colors between them.

Feel free to change the eyes color if you want ; i changed mine in a blue color, i prefer like that ^^
Now, just add the nose and the mouth, some shadows … And we are done with this tutorial !

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How To Make Fading text in Photoshop

How To Make Fading text in Photoshop..??

u can see this Video

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How to Create a Stylish Media Player in Photoshop

How to Create/Make a Stylish Media Player in Photoshop..?

You can Do it with the steps I have created below, and hopefully what I write useful to all. thank's.

Final First:

Step 1
Create a new document with these settings like 1a. The first layer, call it “background” and fill any color. Then Open the Blending Options and settings (1b)

Step 2
Create a new folder, call it “ipod”. In this folder, create a new layer, call it “ipod” as well. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) to draw a rectangle shape like the one below (2a). Select the Pen Tool and click on the shape. After that, create four nodes of the shape as shown. At the top line, click to make a node between two top nodes. Then correct the top line of the curve by holding “Command” down, and clicking and dragging the node upward by a little (2b). Do the same with bottom line, but downward this time(2c). Then press Command + Enter to make the selection and fill that with color (2d)

Step 3
Open the Blending Options menu for “ipod” and adjust the settings like in image 3a. Create a new layer on top, call it “light ipod”. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to make a rectangle selection and fill it with white (3b). Then reduce the Opacity to 30% (3c)

Step 4
Create a new layer on top, call it “screen bg”. Use Round Rectangle (set Radius: 5px) to draw a shape like one below and fill it black color (4a). Then open Blending Option and setting (4b)

Step 5
Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make the selection (5a). Press Command + J to duplicate this selection, rename the new layer “screen bg light”. Reduce the Opacity to 30% (5b). Then open the Blending Options and use the following settings (5c)

Step 6
Create a new layer on top, and call it “screen”. Use the same tool to make the rectangle selection right in the middle of the “screen bg” and fill it with black (6a). Then open Blending Options and use these settings (6b)

Step 7
Use the Polygon Lasso Tool to make the selection like in 7a. Press Command + J to duplicate this selection, rename the new layer “light screen”. Open Blending Options and use the specified settings (7b). Then reduce the Opacity to 30%.

Step 8
Create a new layer on top, call it “button bg”. Use Elliptical Marquee Tool to make the circle selection and fill it with white (8a). Then open Blending Options and use these settings (8b, 8c)

Step 9
Create a new layer over “button bg”, and call it “circle”. Use the same tool to make the smaller circle selection and fill it with white (9a). Then open Blending Options and copy these settings (9b, 9c). Add a button icon on “button bg” (9d)

Step 10
The right earphone is up next.

Create a new folder (outside “ipod” folder), call it “right earpiece”. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and the Pen Tool (P) to draw like in the steps below (10a). In turn, open the Blending Options of each layer and use these settings (10b, 10c, 10d).

Step 11
Create a new document (20 x 20px) with a transparent background. Choose the Custom Shape Tool, select the diagonal shape (11a). Draw and fill with black (11b). Then go to Edit > Define, name it “diagonal” and close this document (no need to save).

Step 12
Come back to the main document. Create a new layer under “right 03”, and call it “right 06”. While holding “Command” down click on the layer “right 03” to obtain its selection. Go to Select > Modify > Contract, put Contract by 2px. Go to Edit > Fill, at Contents select Pattern, at Custom select “diagonal”.

Step 13
The left earpiece.

Create a new folder (outside “right earpiece” folder) between “ipod” folder and “background”, call it “left earpiece”. Do the same steps of “right earpiece”.

Step 14
In the “left earpiece”, create a new layer on top, call it “shadow left” and according to the following images:

Step 15
Create a new layer under “left earpiece” folder, call it “line”. Use Pen Tool to draw like 15a. First, set Brush tool is hard brush 4px, black color. Then press U, click right mouse on the image, select Stroke Path to draw black line (15b). Open Blending Options this layer and setting (15c).

Step 16
Press Command + J to duplicate “line”, rename new layer “line shadow”. Move it under “line” and reduce Opacity to 40%. Then move this layer down a little.

Step 17
Create a new folder under “left earpiece” folder, call it “shadow”. Use Brush Tool, Pen Tool, and Elliptical Marquee Tool to draw accordin to the following images below:

Note: To enlarge the picture you can Right-clicking

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How To Keep The Slave For As Long As Possible

Tip 1 : Use a Dynamic IP ( such as no-ip or DynDns ) or from any other provider !

So, most of the noobs hear about no-ip and doesn't even understand what that is ! No-Ip is a Dynamic DNS, and we need it to keep the server connected to us no matter how many times our IP changes !

more detailes ?

Ok, we all know that our IP changes almost every time we disconnect from the Internet and reconnect again. So lets say that we setup a server, and in the connection settings we used our IP which is ( i.e. ), after that we spread the server and got like 10 victims. These victims will stay with us for as long as our IP is the same, but whenever our IP changes the server from the slave's PC will not connect back to us anymore !!!

So, if you turned your router off, or you lost the connection for any other stupid reason, then you  managed to get back online with a new IP ( i.e. ) you'll lose all 10 victims, because the server will not be able to find your new IP address and connect them to you !!

In conclusion, when we setup a server using no-ip in the connection settings, and when we activate the no-ip client program on our PC, the client will keep track of the changes in our IP address, and no matter what is the current IP or how many times it changes, the server will always be able to find us via our no-ip host .

I hope it's clear now :)

Tip 2 : FUD-ing the server

Of course, FUD-ing the server is important to infect the slave in the first place, it's also important to keep him infected for a long time without him knowing, and without him getting warnings from his AV or FW about a suspicious file or activity. So FUD-ing the server must be a habit of you'rs to increase the serve's chances of passing any AV scan operation also !

Noob Question : what does ( FUD ) mean ?

It means making the server Fully UnDetectable !
Or by other word ( Crypting ) the server !

Tip 3 : SetUp your server correctly ( with installation & startup settings )

One of the most important things while setting up your RAT, is to make sure that you're setting it up correctly and to activate the installation and startup settings .

And of course don't forget to activate the ( Persistant mode ) for the server as well ( on some RAT's it's called aggressive mode), this will make the server really hard to kill, ergo you'll not lose the slave easily .

Tip 4 : Updating the server with a new FUD one from time to time

This method is rearly used by RATters, and that is wrong ! the server updating function available on your RAT is a great and powerful thing if you used it correctly, so if you have a Crypter and you can get a FUD server you should update the server on your slave's PC from time to time with a new FUD one of course. By doing this you'll protect the server from getting detected and you'll definitly increase the server's chances to servive .

So it depends on the Crypter you're using. If you're using a public crypter it might stay FUD for like 1 - 2 weeks after that the server will become detected by multiple AV's. Of course private crypters and advanced crypters provids a longer time of FUD-ness .

Tip 5 : Giving the server dated IDs

Lets assume that you succeeded in infecting a 100 slave with a FUD server has the ID ( Pirate-Bay ), after couple of weeks of indicting them your server started to get detected by Av's, so you decided to update your server with a new FUD one, it's better if you give your new server a new and unique ID such as ( PB 21-Dec ) the ( PB ) stands for ( Pirate-Bay ) and the 21-Dec is the updating date. This way you can know the slaves infected by the old server and the ones with the new server so you can keep updating the old ones .

No-ob Question : what is server ID ?

Server's ID is a name that you can give for the server on the slave's PC, so for example when you spread your server in a torrent site you can name the server ( torrent ) so all the victims infected with this server will have the ID name ( torrent ). This helps you to identify the slaves. It's called ( Server ID or Identification ) depending on your RAT .

Tip 6 : Infect VIP slaves with multiple servers

This is a bad ass move actually :P , but lets say that you have a slave which is very important to you for some reason, and you don't want to lose him anytime soon, so I strongly suggest that you infect him with multiple servers ( I don't mean run the same server in his PC over and over again ! ) I mean infect him with totally different servers. You can infect him with a different RAT or even Key-logger if that is enough for you, or you can use the same RAT but with different settings ( different server password or different port ). Anyways, you can use your imagination on this ;)

Tip 7 : Always use injection option !

Well, some people will not agree with me on this ! ( some say it corrupt the server and others say it decrease the FUD-ness ) .

But I always find it better to inject the server to the Defult Browser, so it's your choice .

Tip 8 : General tips for RATs !

* Always give the server a meaningful Identification name, and let it be a reminder on where did you get this vicim from .
* I always protect the server with the port number as a password, so if I'm using port 2413 the server's password will be 2413. This way I'll never forget the pass .
* Use a different port for every RAT, so you can run multiple RATs in the same time if you ever needed to.
* Infect yourself with a non-persistant server and try to get familiar with the commands and functions, so you won't get confused while you're playing with a slave.

AND U DoNe !

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Cheat Point Blank December 21, 2010 US-Cotalika

~ Bomberman
~ Wallshot
~ Alt Tab

His Tutor:
1. Bomberman:
Before throwing a bomb hit his first F3 ON ... and about 3 times you throw the press F4 to OFF
2. Wallshot:
Before you press play first when loading press F1 and F2 .......
3.Alt Tab:
For ON press [b] Insert [/ b] and for his hit Off [b] delete [/ b] would not you know dah his way ....

Credit to:


th'x to N3:

Cheat Point Blank Cotalika under US-21122010

Like the Ordinary, if it does not work cheat Means you have to install first VCredict_x86

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