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7 Step Article Marketing to Make Money from Internet

If you can access the Internet, can type on a computer and a brain full of ideas that can be poured, then you already have the main terms as the author of the article. But many marketing articles that circulated on the internet might make you squeeze the brain to be able to increase traffic to your website traffic. Article marketing may be equally good and equally informative. So what should you do to be competitive and still make money from internet? Listen 7 Jutsu sharpshooter article marketing as your reference!

1. Write the original article content and quality.
Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others will not easily put your website that contains articles plagiarism. As an author of the article, you should really make sure that the article that you created is fresh and informative article. This will help your website achieve top positions on search sites.

2. Enter the article in Ezine Articles.
As a website directory submission is the most widely used by writers of articles, Ezine will provide more opportunities for readers to read your article. Backlinks and description of your official website is located at the footnotes will direct readers to the official website of your article.

3. Perform regular blog updates.
As the author of your article should not be lazy. Scheduled posting updates, your blog or website indicates that you are active and dynamic. Websites like this is the most high trafficnya in search sites.

4. Enter your article in the Article Directory.
There are many choices article directories on the internet. You can include your articles in more than 100 article directories manually and consistent. and if you feel kualahan write and distribute your articles, you can use the services of our directory submit articles.

5. Enter your marketing articles in the press release website.
As an author of the article, you would have recognized the importance of press releases. Activities and progress of your business can be promoted.

6. Build your backlinks in article marketing.
Do not forget to insert a back link on every article you write. Backlinks will be able to lead the reader who is interested in your article to the main website.

7. Comment blogs and articles with similar themes.
It seems likely small, but commenting on blogs or articles with similar themes will help to give an active impression on your website account. It is probable that the readers and writers and another article that you commented it would be interested in reading your website.

If a seventh sniper stance is adopted, article marketing you must have the strength to support the publicity of your website for an author of the article.
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